5 Types of Sweaters


Sweaters are an everyday staple. Pair one with jeans and a leather jacket for fall or wear with a light dress, romper or shorts in summer.

Look for natural fibers like cotton and cashmere. Alternatively, acrylic blends can be a great option when looking to keep the price down.


A jumper (or sweater) is a warm knitted garment that covers your body, typically with long sleeves. It can be worn on its own or as a layer under a jacket. Jumpers can be made from wool, cashmere or other fabrics. Sheep’s wool is a durable material and is ideal for colder climates as it keeps you warm and cosy.

Cotton is another popular choice for jumpers, offering a soft and comfortable fit. It’s also easy to care for and is an affordable option.

Look for jumpers with patterns to add interest to your outfits, such as argyle, stripes or herringbone. A plain sweater works best for casual wear, while patterned jumpers work better if you’re going for a dressy look. You can even get a jumper with a pop culture motif, like a band or movie character, for extra warmth and style on your next night out. The world record for most jumpers/sweaters worn at once stands at 40, set by Hocquet-Umambo Thomas on 17 August 2022.

Mock Turtlenecks

A mock turtleneck sweater is a great way to dress up sweats without sacrificing that laid-back style you’re used to wearing in your casual outfits. This variation on a classic turtleneck shirt is more casual and offers a low neckline that isn’t as tight around your neck.

It’s also more versatile than a traditional turtleneck because you don’t have to worry about it bunching up under your shirt collar. It’s perfect for a casual look when you want to add an extra layer of warmth and texture.

Mock turtlenecks are available in a variety of colors and patterns so you can find one that matches your style and looks best with your clothing collection. Choose a solid color to match your blazers and suits or opt for a pattern to make a statement all on its own.


A cardigan is a sweater with a front that closes with either buttons, toggles or zippers. Button closures are the classic option, while toggles tend to look more casual. Zippers are the least formal option, and some people don’t consider them true cardigans because they veer into sweatshirt territory.

A long cardigan has a classic look and a cozy feel. Wear one over a light tee with jeans and boots or sneakers. Or, as shown here, wear a shorter cardigan with flares or wider pants for an on-trend outfit. Add a tote bag and minimalist jewelry for a stylish outfit that can go from day to night.

A cardigan evokes the spirit of the ’90s with its bold pops of color and its casual style. A young man can dress this knit up by tying it into a fashionable mid-waist knot and pairing it with a pair of jeans, corduroys and Air Jordans. Finish the look with an expresso-stained satchel and vintage glasses for a collegiate, skater boy aesthetic.


A pullover is a sweater with a zipper that can be opened and closed like a jacket. It can be layered over a collared dress shirt and tie for a work-appropriate style or worn casually with jeans or corduroy pants.

Pullovers are often made of heavier, warm materials such as wool. They are also available in a variety of colors. They can be more formal or casual depending on the fabric and design.

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