How Scents Can Enhance Your Mood, Mood and Emotion


Scents are one of the most underappreciated senses, but they have a huge impact on our lives. They affect our memory, mood, and emotion.

Scents are made of chemical compounds and are detected by receptors in the nose. They can be fragrant, fruity or sour.


Scents are able to trigger emotional memories and feelings that last a lifetime. This is because the emotional areas of the brain and the olfactory processing regions are firmly connected.

Smell-induced emotional memories, like the smell of a grandmother’s special recipe, tend to be older and more evocative than those triggered by sight or sound, says Rachel Herz, Ph.D., a leading expert on the psychological science of smell. And, she says, they also appear to be more resistant to extinction and change than other memories elicited by other sensory stimuli.

In fact, odors are able to convey emotion in ways that other senses cannot, through chemosignals in the body odors of donors and receivers alike. In fact, Chen and Haviland-Jones demonstrated in 2000 that humans can recognize emotional states of others by sniffing their odors. This has implications for olfactory marketing, which involves the introduction of scents to improve branding or boost sales.


Scents can be a powerful way to enhance your mood, increase alertness and ward off fatigue. The National Institutes of Health has listed several scents that have been shown to boost energy, including bergamot, black pepper, eucalyptus, ginger root, grapefruit and lemon.

Similarly, peppermint has long been known to help with focus and enhance concentration. Using it as a perfume or spray can be a great way to improve your productivity.

Other energizing smells include cinnamon, grapefruit and sweet orange. These scents have been shown to stimulate blood flow and improve focus. Alternatively, you can use aromatherapy products that contain a blend of essential oils. The best part is that they are all natural and safe to use in your home. Feel refreshed with a zesty scented candle or diffuser from the experts at Eden Garden, or try an uplifting oil to roll on your pulse points. Whether you’re looking for a gift or to spice up your own life, these expertly blended fragrances are sure to be the right fit.


Woody scents are some of the most popular types of perfume, capturing the rich, mysterious smell of nature. Often paired with floral and fruity notes, woody scents can transport you to an exotic and far-away place.

Perfumes in this fragrance family usually feature a blend of natural and synthetic woods, but they can also include other types of scent such as mosses, chypres and fougeres. Alternatively, they can be blended with other perfume families such as floral, oriental and fresh.

Fragrances in this category are usually more masculine and can range from clean and refined to deep, spicy, sharp and bracing. They’re inspired by the outdoors and can conjure memories of a campfire, walks along a driftwood-strewn beach or mornings spent opening presents under the Christmas tree.

Aromatics such as lavender, geranium and basil provide fresh facets to these fragrances, while barks, mosses and patchouli soften the intensity of woody elements. Flowers such as peony, gardenia and lily-of-the-valley add light, feminine facets to the fragrance.


The kitchen is a very busy space, and it can often become a hotbed for lingering food scents. This is especially true if you cook a lot and use a lot of oils or herbs to flavour your dishes.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to keep your kitchen smelling fresh. For example, try a neutralising kitchen candle that will keep cooking smells at bay.

You can also try a floral fragrance to freshen the air and make your kitchen feel more inviting. Floral scents have soft musk notes that will help mask any strong food odours.

If you don’t want to invest in a candle, you can try simmering a few hard spices and herbs on the stove to release their aromas into the air.

Scents have a powerful effect on brain chemistry and can help kickstart your day. This is why many consumers are interested in candles that are suitable for their health and wellbeing.

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