How to Dress Up for a Special Occasion

Dressing up means wearing clothes that are fancier than you usually wear. This can include anything from fancy dresses to tuxedos.

While dress-up outfits don’t need to be expensive, they do need to be clean and in good condition. Fancy costumes can be a lot of fun, but simple items from around the house can also work.

Bachelorette Party

A sea of suitcases rolls through the domestic arrivals terminal at Nashville International Airport, as tens of millions of besties and bridesmaids reunite and hail a car service to their hotel. This is no ordinary Thursday night, but the start of a weekend full of wild, booze-fueled fun with their favorite girls. This is a women’s tradition that has come into its own in the past two millennia – though men had bachelor parties dating back to 5 B.C, while women didn’t throw bridal showers until the ’60s with the rise of feminism.

While bridal showers focus on gifts and the details of the wedding, bachelorette parties are a chance for the bride to relax, let loose, and have some fun with her girlfriends before the big day. These celebrations are often informal, but there are some etiquette guidelines to keep in mind. For example, it’s not a good idea to gift the bride-to-be naughty presents like lacey lingerie or vibrators.

Birthday Party

Often, big birthday milestones deserve to be celebrated in a grand way. The key is to know the guest of honor and choose a party theme that aligns with their interests or favorite activities.

For example, if you’re celebrating an adult birthday, consider taking everyone back in time to the year they were born and have them dress accordingly (think bell bottoms or big hair). Or, plan a slumber party for your birthday boy or girl and offer a slew of movies, snacks and activities to keep the group occupied all night long.

Another great idea for a birthday party is to host a board games bash with the guest of honor’s favorite classics. Set up a few tables with everything from Scrabble to Connect Four and have guests rotate through during the party for some friendly competition. Alternatively, you could even host a murder mystery-themed event, which is fun for both adults and children.

Work Party

Work parties are a great way for employees to have fun and bond with coworkers. They can also be a great opportunity to network with people who may influence their careers. However, it is important to be mindful of proper office party etiquette when attending these events.

Attendees should refrain from using inappropriate language and drinking too much alcohol at work parties. They should also make sure to thank the host when leaving.

The Roaring ’20s theme is a popular choice for a work party because it’s fun and festive. You can also host a games night to encourage friendly competition. Choose a few games that teammates can play in teams, and then make arrangements for food and drinks. You can even reward the winner of each game with a special prize.

Date Night

When you think of date night, you probably imagine a fancy candlelight dinner at your favorite restaurant. And while that’s a great idea, date nights can be as low-key and as affordable — and just as fun — as you like.

You can try something new, cook together, or tell each other scary stories around a campfire. You could even make a date jar and have a competition to fill it with ideas. This is a fun way to learn about each other and show your love for each other. And, according to a 2019 study, dating outside the box can improve your relationship satisfaction.

So pull out your favorite old tee and that dress with the smudged makeup (it’s okay, we’ve all been there) and give your relationship the attention it deserves. Your relationship will be so much better for it. Just don’t forget the chapstick. And the snacks. And the cheesy rom-coms. You know you want to.

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