Make Things Happen With Candles

Candles generate both light and heat through the simple process of combustion. The wick draws melted wax up to the flame where it ignites and vaporizes.

The blue zone is the oxygen-rich, hottest area of the candle flame. This is the reason that candles are a known asthma and allergy trigger.

They Add Ambiance

Candles add a calming ambiance to your home that sets the tone for relaxation. The flickering flame is soothing to the eyes and the scent of a candle will help you to breathe deeply, which releases tension and stress.

Candle scents evoke memories and emotions, and they can help you to feel joy, ease, focus and inner beauty. The best candles are made from natural materials and come in a wide variety of aromas.

The best candles are made from soy, coconut and other vegetable waxes, which burn cleanly, produce little black soot, and last longer than traditional paraffin candles. They also release negative ions into the air, which helps to purify it. You can also find special candles that will repel insects. Some candles are infused with essential oils, such as lavender, which promotes sleep. However, you should be careful about using certain types of candles if you have any health issues. Some candles release toxic chemicals, such as toluene, benzene and other hydrocarbons, into the air.

They Help You Relax

Candles not only add style to a room, they also help to calm the mind and body. Using scents like lavender and ylang ylang in candles has been shown to reduce stress. The aromas of these plants are known to boost serotonin levels and encourage relaxation, which is beneficial for those suffering from depression or PMS.

You can find many natural, non-GMO candles on the market that contain these scents. However, it is important to avoid candles containing harsh chemicals and paraffin wax. You should choose ones that are labelled as vegan and have gas chromatography/mass spectrometry tests to verify their ingredients.

Some scented candles are designed specifically for meditation. For example, a candle with the scent of rosemary can enhance concentration and focus during meditation. Other calming fragrances include ylang-ylang, which is derived from flowers, and vetiver, which is a tropical grass. If these sound like they would be soothing to you, consider purchasing a yoga or meditation candle that features these scents.

They Help You Manifest

If you’re looking to make things happen, candles can help. You just have to set the intention, trust in the universe and work your magick.

For a more powerful manifesting ritual, light your candle during a new or full moon. It’s also important to perform the ritual in a clean, clear space, free from distractions. Little recommends dressing your candle with oils and herbs that align with your intentions.

For example, if you’re doing a love spell, rub the candle with rose oil. Alternatively, use oils or herbs associated with the things you want to attract to your life like prosperity, health or happiness. It’s also a good idea to speak your intention out loud, and mean what you say. Be clear about what you want and ask the universe to support your goals. You can even chant your intention if that feels right to you. Lastly, remember that manifestation takes time, so be patient.

They Make a Great Gift

Candles make a great gift for people of all ages. They are also a long-lasting present, unlike many other items that may be used up or forgotten about over time. Candles are available in a variety of sizes, scents and designs, so there is bound to be a perfect gift for every personality type and home decor style.

Scented candles can help to boost a mood because the aroma triggers receptors in the brain that affect emotions. They can also be a self-care gift for someone that is going through a difficult period or just needs to relax and unwind.

You can pair your candle with other luxury gifts like artisanal soaps, skincare cream, a hydrating spray or a set of luxurious bath salts to create an ultimate pampering experience. You can even add in decorative extras like modern or traditional candle snuffers, long-stemmed matches or a stylish candle holder for the complete look.

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