Sexy Fitted Pajamas


If you’re not into oversized pajamas, there are plenty of fitted options that are still sexy. Try this pair from Lunya, which has a glamorous drape and comes in serene neutrals. It’s also machine washable and temperature-regulating.

Nothing says upgrade like a pair of PJs made with luxe silk. The fabric is soft and the fit is relaxed. Plus, they’re easy to keep clean.


Wearing pajamas all day is an easy way to preserve the life of your more dressy clothes and to get a good night’s sleep. Changing out of tight, restrictive clothing into loose-fitting pajamas is comfortable, and it prevents overheating while you sleep. Pajamas should always be soft and cozy against your skin, never clingy or tight.

The best pajamas are made with natural fabrics that are soft and breathable. Cotton flannel and silk are popular choices. Pajamas that are designed for winter use typically have warm materials that withstand cold temperatures and quickly warm your body up while you sleep.

The right pajamas are designed to eliminate harmful bacteria that shed from your body and hair while you sleep. This bacteria can spread to your sheets, which may cause you to develop an infection. Using the right fabric, such as soft flannel or lightweight silk, and washing your PJs regularly will eliminate this problem. In addition, wearing full-length pajamas will ensure that you are covered throughout the night.


The hygienic aspect of pajamas is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing new sleepwear. PJs that are dirty or smelly can irritate the skin, cause acne and even clog pores, leading to an uncomfortable and unhealthy sleeping environment.

Pajamas should be washed frequently to ensure they stay fresh, clean and hygienic. Depending on your personal level of sweatiness, you may want to wash them daily or as often as every other day.

Pajamas made of soft fabrics such as cotton flannel and silk are ideal for winter, keeping the body warm during the night. Moisture-wicking materials are also recommended, drawing moisture away from the body and regulating temperature, while helping to reduce odor and prevent bacteria. These materials are also soft and comfortable against the skin. They also breathe well, allowing the skin to relax and get a good night’s sleep. This is especially important for people who live in humid areas.


Pajamas have a bad reputation amongst fashionistas, but the right set of PJs can make you look effortlessly stylish and chic. Oversized PJ tops can be worn with fitted bottoms for a flattering effect, while cuffed sleeves and a tucked in waistline add definition to your silhouette. Opt for a monochrome palette and you’ll be sure to impress, even if you do decide to take a stroll in your PJs on a day off.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your sleepwear for a Black Tie event or just want to look as polished as possible in the morning, there are many menswear brands offering high-quality, classic-styled PJ sets. Derek Rose, for example, has a dedicated line of PJs and dressing gowns which are worn in hotels and spas around the world, with Benedict Cumberbatch being a fan.

In terms of fabric, linen is a great choice for PJs as it is breathable and comfortable but also regulates body temperature well. In addition to this, it doesn’t absorb moisture and can help prevent the development of creases in your clothes when you wear them to bed.


Whether you prefer a soft flannel set or a silky satin one, your choice of sleepwear says something about your personality. Clinical psychologists have discovered that different styles of pajamas can indicate varying levels of contentment in life. For example, women who choose a flannel pajama set are more likely to be practical and goal-oriented. Those who prefer a sexy negligee, on the other hand, are more likely to be impulsive and spontaneous.

If you want to dress up your PJs, simply add makeup and a pair of slippers and your PJs become streetwear. But remember to change your PJs before going to bed to avoid disrupting your regular sleep schedule. It also helps to keep your skin clean and healthy. Try this cooling pajama set made with Soma’s Cool Nights fabric. This material won’t stick to your skin and provides a fresh, comfortable feel. It’s available in both striped and floral patterns. This style fits most women’s sizes, but it may shrink a little after washing, so we recommend sizing up.

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