The Benefits of Reading Before Bed


Bibliotherapy has been practiced since the ancient Greeks, who carved a ‘healing place for the soul’ above the entrance to their library in Thebes. Sigmund Freud advocated the healing power of literature in psychoanalysis. The First World War saw many traumatized soldiers prescribed reading as a means of coping. In the U.K., Jane Austen novels were used as bibliotherapy at the same time.

The benefits of reading before bed are specific. It helps a person wind down, calms the emotions and promotes a peaceful state of mind. Many of us have a bedtime ritual of reading. Whether you read fiction or non-fiction, there is a book out there for everyone. Here are some tips to help you find your favorite read for bedtime. It’s best to read something you enjoyed as a child. If you don’t like scary books, try an engrossing thriller instead.

KozyK Author
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